Instant Teleseminar
Get The Premier Instant Teleseminar Service that features
Phone and Webinar.
Your Attendees Can Listen Over The Web!


Instant Teleseminar / Webinar

A great service called Instant Teleseminar and Webinar is available now.

I was on the call that introduced Instant Teleseminar and Webcast to the world.

There are numerous advantages to Instant Teleseminar. The Basic plan starts at only 447 per month and includes the following features:

  • 20 Line Teleconference - Listeners who prefer telephone so they can listen wherever they desire

  • 100 Web Attendees - Use cutting-edge technology that listeners can listen in on the web and save long-distance charges

  • Over 100 Event Page Templates - Get your notification page done in a heartbeat and start marketing instantly so more sign-ups turn into show-ups

  • Instant Replay - Your calls will be recorded and automatically published within 5 minutes after the call. 

Check out  Instant Teleseminar today and see what it's all about.

There are no contracts, no extra charges, and no hidden fees when you use Instant Teleseminar.